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Water Bottle Bongs – Tips And Tricks

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Way back when I was a younger enthusiast, I remember making water bottle bongs. They were never made with the intention to use them forever, they were always made because we had few or no other choices and we planned on enjoying a session. My group of friends were innovative and creative enthusiasts who took pride in our ability to create something from nothing, especially when it came to make a session happen or making a session better. For that reason, we often found ourselves trying to make water bottle bongs better or more elaborate using what might seem like useless tools or items that seemed like they had no business being part of a bong. In doing that, we learned a lot about what should and shouldn’t happen when making and using a water bottle bong, so allow me this opportunity to share with you some of my wisdom on the subject.

Smoking Foil Sucks Super Hard

Our first few attempts were rather basic, We uses a lighter to make a hole in the bottle, then got the bright idea to use foil as a bowl. We thought we were clever when we actually shaped the foil into a bowl that would protect the plastic some from the heat of the lighter. We loaded it up and proceeded to take rips from our janky-ass bong. We all learned quickly that smoking foil sucks. It tastes all kinds of horrible and gave most of us a pretty bad headache. We realized  that although foil let us make a quick screen with a few pokes, it wasn’t worth the gross flavor or headaches. Instead most of us moved on to using sockets instead.

Every Tap Is Your Friend

We soon ditched the idea of using foil bowls and moved on to other objects that were more suitable for the task. Each of us almost always had one close by, but we soon ran into our next problem: screens. watching our herb slip into our DIY water bottle bongs was starting to seem wasteful and irresponsible, which is when one of us presented the awesome idea of going to the nearest tap, unscrewing the tip of the faucet off and borrowing the screen from it as it wouldn’t be missed. The result was a cleaner water bottle bong and a happier group of enthusiasts. From then on, taps were our best friends in a pinch.

Silly Putty Is Serious Business

One afternoon when completing the build for our latest creation that we later named Puff (Yes, like the dragon and no, it wasn’t ironic), we realized that we were fresh out of tape. We literally had no tape at our disposal at all and it left us with no way to fasten the bowl to the bottle. This was more than a little bit problematic until I, being the man-child I proudly am, realized I had silly putty in my bag. I pulled it out and got to using it and when I was done, I was given the honor of the first rip for having saved the day. When I pulled, I found out quickly that the silly putty had provided a serious seal the likes of which tape couldn’t match. From this day forth, I kept it with me to get the job done whenever we had a water bottle bong in the making.

Well, now you know some of my secrets and tricks when making a water bottle bong. Take it with you and may your next session be the cloudiest one yet!

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