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The Pen Vaporizer Weakness: Dry Herb

Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Pen vaporizers are only getting more popular as time goes on, and more and more manufacturers are joining in on the fun with fun, cool iterations on the product. One such iteration is the dry herb pen vaporizer tank, something we’ve seen lots of here at glassbongsshop. This would theoretically be an awesome idea, but unfortunately, the pen vaporizer suffers from a major weakness: it can’t handle dry herb! Regardless, you can find many manufacturers claiming that their tank or pen defies all that came before it and vaporizes dry herb. It’s a wonderful thought, but unfortunately is no more than a lie used to confuse those who don’t know any better. To help dispel this crazy idea and inform all those who’re thinking it’s possible, we’ve created this post to take a close look at the why behind the pen vaporizer weakness: dry herb.

How a Pen is Used

The first reason as to why it’s not possible has to do with the way you use these units. There is little more than a single button on the unit that is used to engage the battery and send energy to the tank. There is no way to vary how much power it sends to the tank and so you can’t hope to create and maintain the temperatures needed for proper vaporization.

Crazy Temperatures

That brings us to the next point, the heat of the coil responsible for heating your herb. These coils can usually reach temperatures that make vaporizing temperatures seem like an ice block by comparison. With no way of limiting this, the herb you load in has no chance of remaining unburned no matter what you do, especially when you take into consideration the next problem.


If you’ve ever loaded a herb tank for a pen vaporizer before, you’ll know what we’re talking about here before we have a chance to say it. Your herb usually ends up sitting right on top or next to the heating element. This is the same heating element that can only really be turned on or off, no in between, and reaches insane temperatures. Your herb has no chance under these conditions to keep from being burned. Any hope for a technique that will let you vaporize is a hopeless and futile effort.

Technological Limitations

As it stands, the technology available for dry herb tanks is limited to a very few distinct coil set ups. Venturing beyond this would either be extremely expensive, be a very lengthy process, or a bit of both a la grasshopper. The set ups currently available are all just different cars that drive along the same road to the same destination. It’s all just look and who will get you there the fastest.

This isn’t to say that burning your herb is the worst thing in the world. It’s just not desirable for all and if you’re selling your dry herb tank as a vaporizer, you’re lying, just like Atmos is about their glass screens according to Bud, the Vape Critic. It’s just that simple. Here’s hoping things change in the future, but for now, pen vaporizers are really best for wax, oils and for pen pipes, not dry herb vaporizing.

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