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Glass Steamrollers: What You Need To Know

Tuesday, 08 December 2015

Smoking has a long standing history with enthusiasts and indigenous peoples alike for how easily one can roll or grab an object to use as a bong or pipe to enjoy your herb of choice. As a result of that, it has had a lot of time to grow and evolve in new and different ways over time. The recent rise in skilled glass blowers in the past 50 years or so has also helped to propel the smoking world further into the future with cool new innovations and inventions to change how we smoke. One of the more recent inventions is the steamroller. This can be a bit confusing for those of you who aren’t in the know, but we here at glassbongsshop.com know that it can be hard to keep up with the new developments in the smoking world so we’re here with this Glass Steamrollers: What You Need To Know post to give you the info you need to understand what these new smoking tools are!

Glass Steamrollers: What Are They? Glass Steamrollers: What You Need To Know - Close Up Of a steamroller

Steamrollers are named as they are for their giant size and shape that looks like the big wheel of a steamroller. They come in a few different styles, the most popular 2 are the steamrollers with a hole on both ends of the tube and steamrollers with one end sealed up but a bowl that can be pulled out to clear the tube.

Many smokers love it because of how intense the smoking experience is. Steamrollers offer massive hits that are completely unfiltered by water so it’s just as hot and hard as a dry bong rip. These are the things that fans of the steamroller love about it, despite how it might not seem appealing to others who aren’t part of that fan club.

How Do You Use A Glass Steamroller?

When it comes to the steamrollers that have one end of the tube sealed, the best way to use it is to load the bowl, then light it as you milk it. Once the tube is completely full of smoke, pull out the bowl and clear the tube. It’s actually just like using a bong without water. With a steamroller that has an open end on the other side of the tube, hold the steamroller so that the bowl is furthest away from you and use your hand to block the other side or just your finger if the hole is smaller. With the other end of the tube now blocked, light the bowl, then start milking it. Once the tube has been completely filled up with smoke, move your hand away from the hole to open it and clear the tube. It’s that simple

Now that you know this you can add a steamroller to your collection with the proud knowledge that you know what to do with it!

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