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5 Cool Pokemon Bongs

Thursday, 26 November 2015

The world of bongs is a big one, and in it are as many little communities of people as you’d expect form something with as wide an appeal as bongs have. All sorts of people love to enjoy their herbs using their favorite bong, and when you have that kind of diversity, it tents to inform creation quite a bit. This means you’ll end up with designs that are far from the ordinary tube and bowl look most bongs have. In this post, we’ll be looking at Pokemon bongs – bongs that have been shaped after things you’d likely see in the Pokémon universe. Surprisingly enough, there aren’t that many of them out there, but we went out looking for Pokemon bongs to pay tribute to the cool ones out there that we did find!

The Poké-ball Bong

This bong is a simple bong with a Poké-ball as the base of the bong and a simple tube up the middle of it. The bowl is inserted into the area where the button is that Ash would press to expand or contract the size of the ball. The problem we can see with this bong is that the bowl is inserted straight into the bong without any angle at all, so using this bong with water will be difficult if not impossible. You’ll also need to tilt the bong at a 45 degree angle just to use it normally or your herb will fall out of the bowl. None the less, a good attempt!

Squirtle Bong

Squirtle is one of the most beloved icons from the first season of Pokémon. Naming a bong after him is wildly appropriate, especially if the bong can hold water to percolate your smoke. Being blue also doesn’t hurt, but if that still isn’t enough you can just slap a picture of Squirtle on there from back in his days wearing shades and being a bad-ass.

Poké Bong

This bong is a much more fearsome version of the Poké-ball bong with a much better look to it. All along the tube are pictures of Pokémon, the base has the Pokemon logo on it, the bowl is a Pikachu head and best of all, it has an ice pinch! This would be an awesome bong for a Pokemon fan, but there is still one better than this.


The Master Bong is modeled after the master ball in Pokémon, has a tube that has what looks like every Pokémon on it ever, it has a Squirtle bowl and also has wings on it! Wings! That combination makes this bong legendary on so many levels!

Original Pokemon Bong

This simple creation was probably one of, if not the first Pokémon bong to our knowledge. It was made by an enthusiast who loved the franchise enough to make this hand-crafted masterpiece and actually looks like a pretty great bong in terms of functionality. The look overall isn’t perfect, but given that it is a creation from someone who isn’t a glass blower and just wanted a bong that represented their interests, it’s a great piece worthy of praise!

We’re not saying all these bongs exist, in fact we’re pretty sure 3 and 4 were just photoshop masterpieces made by a genius on the internet, but they should exist. The Master Bong especially would only make this world a better place.

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