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Florida Sprouts 5 Medical Marijuana Cultivation Sites

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Medical marijuana is beginning to take root in Central Florida –– and it’s about time.

After nearly a year of compromise and much legal wrangling in the Sunshine State, the Department of Health has finally designated the five nurseries allowed to produce and dispense a non-psychoactive form of medical marijuana. The long-overdue decision has finally pushed Florida’s reluctant politicians into implementing the 2014 voter approved legislation. Allowing for the cultivation, extraction, and distribution of low THC marijuana concentrates that are high in cannabidiol, or CBD.

Florida’s 2014 medical marijuana law initially passed as a means of helping patients suffering with epilepsy and life-threatening cases of advanced cancer. To qualify for the high-CBD marijuana recommendation, patients should apply to the Compassionate Use Registry once evaluated and diagnosed by a board-certified doctor.

Florida’s 5 New Medical Marijuana Cultivators

  • Costa Nursery Farms – Southeast Region.
  • Alpha Foliage – Southwest Region.
  • Knox Nursery – Central Region.
  • Hackney Nursery – Northwest Region.
  • Chestnut Hill Tree Farm – Northeast Region.

Florida’s sick and suffering were theoretically to already have access to the high-CBD strains beginning Jan. 1, when physicians that participated in special training were anticipated to start ordering their low-THC marijuana. Unfortunately, that timeline was pushed back due to complicated lawsuits and a judge’s assessment that rejected the Department of Health’s first attempt at fulfilling the will of the people… and the law.

Moving forward, new medical marijuana legislation is slowly making its way through the political process. Provided Florida’s House and Senate wake up and smell the cannabinoids, the passage of Florida’s newest legislation would expand the patient base by allowing for more medical conditions to be covered under the “right to try” state law.

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