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2015 Glass Bongs Guide

Unique Glass Pipes

Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Smoking Pipes are some of the best companions a smoker can have. A good or unique glass pipe can be a reliable friend that will be part of numerous missions and sessions through it’s lifetime and a cool looking pipe will inspire a sense of pride in the owner and be a great conversation starter. When you have a nice pipe, it can make the ritual of smoking all the stronger and make you really look forward to the next session with your prized piece. Today, we’ll be looking at some unique glass pipes to show you what’s possible when a glass blower sets their mind to making a unique glass pipe that’s sure to spark an enthusiast’s interest.

Heavy Marble Smoking Pipe with Orange Tiger Swirls

This piece is a bubbler but it’s made so big and heavy that it isn’t meant to stand straight up. It’s meant to lie down, which is good because this pipe is a big boy that comes in at just under 10 inches long! It’s got a 12 slit inline percolator and a 14.5 mm bowl for big and satisfying sessions. The grip is nice and the look with the tiger-stripes buried deep int the glass makes this pipe look like the beast it is.

Heavy Glass Triple Chamber Bubbler Smoking Pipe

Here we have another bubbler for sale made of nice quality cobalt colored borosilicate glass with a little frog on the outside of the bowl. This piece is hand made and with it’s red and white accent colors it’s sure to catch your eye if you see it in person. This pipe also has a carb hole in the bowl and mini marbles in the bowl and stem and at 4 inches this pipe is an awesome and unique little pipe worthy of being added to any lucky enthusiast’s collection.

Unique Glass Pipe – Sidewinder

This unique glass pipe is made in the U.S.A., Oregon to be exact, and gets it’s name from the distinctive swerve to the side the pipe has. When you look at this pipe, it sort of looks like a snake. Either way, each pipe made by these guys is guaranteed to be unique and the pipes are sandblasted which give them a really nice look and feel. It also sports some clear marbles on the bowl and the whole pipe changes color from heat and build up so that over time your pipe will only look more and more unique and special as you use it. This is a worthy addition to any collector’s family of glass pieces.

Now you’ve seen some of the awesome pipes available out there from expert glass blowers. Here’s hoping your next pie is a glorious work of art like these unique glass pipes!

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