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Bubblers for sale are small water bongs that can be operated with only one hand. Bubblers are halfway between the water bongs and glass pipes. Bubblers have a water chamber like water bongs, so the smoke come through the water and is cooled and cleaned.  but the size and look of Bubblers is much more like a glass pipe. Some Bubblerss have fixed stem with the pot integrated to the top of small water chamber. Other have removable slider with bowl fitted in rubber grommet, like some small water bongs. The main difference from the bong is that the water chamber is smaller. Smoking through a water pipe is a great pleasure, and moreover it is much healthier, all you need is a little water. Our bubblers for sale are carefully handmade of pyrex (hard borosillicate glass). This material is absolutely healthsafe and heat ressistant. Each glass bubbler is a piece of unique art.
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